Anecdotal research has found a correlation between patients exposed to a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with xenon and regeneration of tissues. The human body is capable of mending broken bones, healing open wounds, eliminating pathogens and regenerating scar tissue to normal skin. The body is capable of self-healing and self-regeneration but in order to reclaim this innate ability, we must morphogenetically realign with our original, morphogenetic perpetual-life blueprint.


In case study #1, a patient had a worn hip joint that had a negative thought form attached to it. The thought-form was eliminated using krypton gas, and then regeneration was undertaken using xenon gas to restructure and repair the worn or missing tissues in a relatively short time (bones and teeth take the longest times to regenerate up to 6 months).

Ideally, xenon is mixed with various other gases to focus on particular parts of the body. One Anecdotal researcher has worked with several people who have regrown missing teeth. The combination includes Neon and Helium with the Xenon. There are some cases of people who have regenerated hips and improved their backs.

– Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn’t Work Here Anymore – A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983