Light Can Deceive
but SOUND never lies!

The RASHA Scalar-Plasma-
Crystalline Sound Harmoniser

combines the brilliant technologies of Nikola Tesla, Antoine Priorie’ and Dr. Royal Rife into one integrative quantum self-healthcare system.

The RASHA is controlled by one of the most advanced scalar and Rife frequency generating software technology, RASHA Morphogenic Frequencies. When operated and activated by the software, selected frequencies (transverse waves) are transmitted through the dual scalar spiral coils that are then pulsed into the custom plasma gas tube.

Plasma can transform transverse waves into longitudinal, scalar waves. Additionally, plasmas can also create phase conjugate waves or time-reversed waves.

Due to the advanced mathematics we use in the RASHA, we have upgraded the technologies of Nikola Tesla’s flat coil, Dr. Rife’s resonant frequencies as well as other private sector technology.

The RASHA Scalar-Plasma-Crystalline Sound Harmoniser is a three-fold approach system. The RASHA simultaneously harmonises the two systems in the body concerned with prevention and management of a malady (immune system) and regeneration of the damaged cells from that said malady (cellular regenerative system).

However, its main purpose is to reverse the mutations in the introns (or junk DNA) via reprogramming the morphogentic encryption lattice of the introns.

The RASHA is easily capable of creating a multidimensional, scalar magnetic energy field up to twelve to twenty-four feet away with deliberately constructed, infolded compartments including phase conjugate waves.

Recent published research paper on our scalar plasma morphogenetic technology