the morphogenetic field

The Morphogenetic Field (Manifestation Pattern)

Morphogenetic Fields regulate the system of matter manifestation and the evolution of biology and consciousness. Morphogenetic Field mechanics, therefore, is essential to understand if one desires to reclaim their ability to self-heal and affect the biological-energetic body progression.

Morphogenetic Fields are the patterns of consciousness (energy), light, sound and scalar standing-wave grids that function as the structured blueprints upon which our consciousness manifests into dimensionalization; and through which the holographic projections of space-time-matter and identity individuation can be experienced.

A Morphogenetic Field is made of interlaced Source Particle grids. The electro-tonal units of consciousness from which Source Particle grids form create standing wave patterns or scalar wave grids that sustain the arrangement of consciousness within dimensionalized manifestation. Therefore, Morphogenetic Fields are scalar grids that materialize in specific systematic interrelationship. Source Particle grids develop upon the primary geometrical-mathematical structure of the Source Grid, which represents the primary scalar field upon which form manifests.

Manifestation patterns develop within the Unified Field of Source Energy (Consciousness).

The Primal Substance

A morphogenetic field or manifestation pattern is comprised of the primal substance, units of consciousness energy called the “Source Particle”, which exist as omni-polar points of static vibration. Source Particle units are the minutest units of consciousness energy or the assembling sections of matter that create the patterns upon which consciousness in all manifest and un-manifest forms enters materialization. Source Particle units are omni-polar (holding the potentiality for all polarities or none) units of vibrating energy that continuously rotate backward and forward between a state of bi-polar light radiation (scalar standing wave) and omni-polar sound vibration.

To reinforce, scalar waves are points of spherical, standing waves composed of magnitudes of conscious energy that radiate out of static units of vibration (the Source Particle units), which form the morphogenetic field patterns upon which consciousness enters dimensionality in order to experience the manifest reality hologram. Scalar lattices are formed through Source Particle phasing, which is the activity of internal fission (expansion) and fusion (contraction) distinctive of Source Particle units. Source Particle units continuously split and duplicate by means of fission, then re-materialize through fusion, generating a blinking on and off of scalar wave points or blink-line sequences that regulate the essential positioning of consciousness within the scalar lattices comprising morphogenetic fields.

The moment Source Particle units exist in their omni-polar state, they reside as ante-matter element, the original state of energy structure before pre-matter materialization. Via an internal fusion mechanism distinctive to their pattern, Source Particle units divide to generate bi-polar waves albeit duplicating their original omni-polar form. In the bi-polar phase, Source Particle units divide into Source Particle Negative (SP-) units and Source Particle Positive (SP+) units that are interwoven units of bi-polar light energy emission generating electromagnetic, scalar standing waves. SP- units create the energetic assembling segments for particle patterns, while SP+ units create the energetic assembling segments for concurrently manifesting anti-particle patterns. Particle and anti-particle patterns are interwoven, integrated by the ante-matter Source Particle units from where they manifest. SP- particle units signify the contraction phase of ante-matter energy, including lower oscillation, higher vibration, and hold base magnetic polarity. SP+ anti-particle units signify the expansion phase of ante-matter energy, including higher oscillation, lower vibration and hold base electrical polarity.