Morphogenetic, Scalar, Plasma Technologies:

99% of ALL public technologies are based upon the inorganic, artificial-life golden mean ratio (Phi) or the Fibonacci spiral sequence (also known as the “Death Sciences” according to one high-ranking whistleblower). The RASHA is created upon the sacred science, morphogenetic quantum technologies and mathematics of the organic, perpetual Source Spiral numerical sequence and expansion ratio associated with “First Creation Dynamics” and the Natural Laws of Multidimensional Physics currently used in black projects within the private sector of the industrialized military complex.
Any techniques, technologies or information that claim to “raise” the vibrations or vibratory state of anything exposes their insufficient knowledge with regards to the true nature of the unified field vibration-oscillation rate.

Our scalar spiral coil technology is patented, manufactured, & licensed by 1Stop Energies, LLC. unique in that it is derived from the organic, perpetual Source Spiral mathematics and sequence expansion formula characteristic to internal quantum self-regeneration. This is vastly different to the finite-life, inorganic vortex based mathematics, golden mean ratio and Fibonacci spiral sequence, which are recycling of finite energy to create expansion, not expansion through self-generated power.

While most technologies in this industry utilise the widely known 5 inert noble gases, we do not. Our custom-made plasma gas tube is enhanced by our proprietary gases mixtures not known or utilised in the public sector.

A regular Rife Machine comes with two hand-held metal cylinders that you hold in each hand. With RASHA Base-12 Frequencies, you’ll use the RASHA scalar plasma device and our custom sound chair to transfer our RASHA Base-12 Resonant Frequencies directly into the introns in your body. Why?

  • Special sound waves are optimized, highly effective and powerful with this technology.
  • Sound is 5 X more efficient in water as it is in air – we are made up primarily of water.
  • The body adjusts more readily to this efficient method of frequency delivery.
  • Sound is natural – electricity is not. Algorithms in the software make using sound chair and headphones possible.
  • Heart Safe and Pet Safe!