RASHA-RIFE Frequencies

The Power of RASHA-RIFE Frequencies

Rife frequencies exterminating Paramecium

Dr. Royal Rife scientifically proved that everything has a resonant frequency signature of its own. For example, the carcinoma cancer cell has a resonant frequency of 2128 Hz. When a cell is resonated at it’s own resonant frequency, the cell is destroyed. Two prime examples of this:
1. In the military, when a group of marching men walk across a wooden bridge, they must ALL walk at different footstep cadence vs. all walking in the same footstep beat otherwise, the bridge will collapse due to resonating at its own frequency.
2. An opera singer is capable of shattering a wine glass by singing a note that matched the resonant frequency of the wine glass.

Cancer, parasites, viruses, bacteria and other organisms all have their own resonant frequencies. The frequencies that destroy these organisms are known as “Rife Frequencies”. The difference between Rife frequencies and our RASHA Morphogenetic frequencies is our technology utilizes scalar plasma energy (energy encoded with information) while Rife frequencies (energy) do not.

​There are no viruses or diseases that are resistant to Rife Frequencies, so just imagine the efficacy in OUR powerful scalar morphogenetic technology and software.

RASHA Base-12 Frequencies:

Our new RASHA Base-12 Frequencies are based upon the Source Spiral base-12 mathematics and expansion
ratio of 1.414.
New featured resonant frequencies are:

  • Source Spiral Healing Frequencies (to reclaim your eternality potential).
  • Source Spiral Planetary Harmonic Frequencies (to align yourself with the planets in our Solar System)
  • Source Spiral Music Harmonic Frequencies (to heal the water in your body).
  • Source Tones (for release of fear and guilt, change in situations, healing relationships and potential DNA)

Also included are:

  • 8 complete sections for different types of frequency therapy, all in one computer program.
  • Three Powerful RASHA-RIFE Machine systems and a new K-TEST(Kinesiology Test) along with our
  • Sweep Frequency Generator for finding NEW healing Frequencies.
  • Imprinting water and oils for making your own remedies.
  • TBSW PRO – Special waveforms including scalar waves for pain relief, insomnia, stress relief, rejuvenation and more. (Great Tens Unit replacement too)
  • Chakra Tools for balancing human energy centers for health and life balance.
  • NEW SOURCE Tones – Special Source Spiral frequencies and waveforms, that have been used for self-healing in the Pre-Diluvian period.
  • Record Sessions to OGG audio format (Audio Prescriptions™) that will play on any device (iPhones, Android, Macs etc…)
  • Make WAV files from the Manual Rife Machine section and TBSW PRO for making CDs.
  • A Client / Patient Database – keep track of progress for clients, family or friends.

PC Computer Requirements

  • A PC, laptop or tablet running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
  • Dual Core Pentium processor or equivalent (quad core recommended).
  • Headphones and speakers to connect to your sound card on the computer
  • 2 GIG RAM (4 GIG of RAM Recommended)
  • Minimum screen resolution 1200 x 768
  • Internet connection is required for one time activation only.