Anecdotal research into the morphogenetic energy field surrounding Neon suggests an alternative option in dealing with lower abdominal issues NOT originating from a bacteria, fungus or virus.

Lower Abdominal Issues

Anecdotal evidence has shown when an 8-ounce glass of water (preferably non-carbonated) structured with neon from a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with neon for a period of 15 minutes is consumed, symptoms related to the specific health condition can be transmuted. Note, neon appears to have a grounding effect due to its connection to grounding energy.

Anecdotal research reveals interesting observations with people suffering from various viruses, including cytomegalovirus (CMV) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS). With the inert gas Neon, it appears to create some beneficial effect by increasing energy to the immune system.

The human reproductive system also appears to receive benefits from neon. In cases with individuals having difficulty with conception, using a combination of Neon with Xenon enhances the functionality of the cellular regenerative system of the body. This affects both women and men and their ability to become pregnant.

– Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn’t Work Here Anymore – A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983