Anecdotal evidence suggests that Krypton seems to improve psychic abilities and individuals exposed to it regularly will notice activations in the 6th chakra region between the eyebrows. It has been indicated that krypton might be helpful for epilepsy. There have been several anecdotal cases that achieved success.


In case #1, an epileptic female reduced her level of Dilantin by 50%.


In case #2, a man was able to titrate off Dilantin completely, and has had no seizures in two years. Both these cases were achieved through use of a structured inert gas homeopathic remedy which was made up to 3x potency.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Krypton seems to improve brain function, memory and concentration. It harmonizes the psychic level with the conscious level. Since epilepsy appears to be an out-of-phase condition between the different lobes of the brain, Krypton’s ability to enhance brain function would certainly seem to help.

As well as being able to transmute negative thought forms, the result with Argon and Krypton together tends to be meditative in quality. Together they can clear the energy in a room (a type of morphogenetic field clearing) and can enhance the ability of telepathy.

Krypton by itself activates psychic abilities and the ability to perceive multidimensionally.

– Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn’t Work Here Anymore – A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983