Anecdotal research into the use of Argon (combined with Krypton) have revealed high efficacy in the transmutation of negative thought forms. Utilising argon with a plasma generator with a gas tube filled with only argon seems to assist with our own understanding of self-empowerment, improved sleep and journeying out-oaf-the-body.

Negative Thought Forms

Thought is an attribute of consciousness, the filter through which consciousness manifests itself into the “hologram of form”. Manifest relate is thought projection, made solid and externalized by relationships between the frequencies of our focus of attention and those of the projected thought-forms. Reality is thought construction.

Thoughts are scalar energy patterns that we create every time we think a thought due to the fact that our brain is a scalar interferometer.** In realizing the power of thought as the power of creation of scalar standing wave grids, negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, jealousy, hate, sadness, grief, etc. will create that morphogenetic field pattern in the human body causing vibrational discord or dis-sease.

– Cooke, M.B. Einstein Doesn’t Work Here Anymore – A Treatise on the New Science, Marcus Books, Canada. 1983